Advantages of heat pump «G-Heat»

The advantages of heat pumps in the first place should include cost-effectiveness: to transfer to the heating system of 1 kW • h of thermal energy installation is necessary to spend all 0.2-0.35 kW • h of electricity. In addition, the heat pump does not burn fuel and produces no harmful emissions. It requires no special ventilation and is completely safe. All systems operate using a closed loop and do not require maintenance costs, in addition to the cost of electricity needed to operate the equipment.

Another advantage of heat pumps is the ability to switch from heating in winter to air-conditioning in summer mode: instead of a radiator to an external manifold connected fan-coils.

The heat pump is reliable, it controls the operation of automation. During operation, the system does not require special maintenance, possible manipulation does not require special skill, and are described in the instructions.

An important feature of the system is its highly individualized for each user, which is the optimal choice of a stable source of low potential energy, calculating the conversion factor, cost recovery and others.

The heat pump is compact (its absolute size is not more than a conventional refrigerator) and virtually noiseless.

• The heat pump G-Heat – the most economical source of heat for heating and hot water

• The heat pump G-Heat – applied in individual houses, office centers, sports complexes, production and storage facilities, hotels, as well as in public buildings

• The use of heat pump technology G-Heat – reducing costs by more than 70% compared with traditional heat sources, such as gas boilers, electric boilers, solid and liquid fuel boilers

• Guaranteed operation to -470 C (-470 C at – COP = 1)

• The heat pump has an integrated G-Heat exchanger for heating hot water for water supply systems, which allows you to heat the tap water up to +300 C.

• Fully automatic operation. The room thermostat heat pump can accurately maintain the desired temperature in the room.

• During peak periods (about 5% of the total time of the heating season), for reheating the water in the system uses a built-electric.

• 2-year warranty

Efficiency heat pumps

Theoretically, the use of heat pumps for space heating is much more efficient gas boilers. Modern gas and steam turbine installation in power plants have an efficiency significantly higher than the efficiency of gas-fired boilers. As a result of the transition to electric power equipment and the application of heat pumps can be obtained gas savings of up to 10 times compared with gas-fired boilers.

The heat pump is capable of using a high-potential energy “pumped” into the room from 200% to 600% of low-potential thermal energy. This is not a violation of the law of conservation of energy.

The coefficient of performance (COP)

COP depicts a thermal capacity compared to the energy consumption. For example COP = 4, thus, it means that the received energy is 4 times the energy consumed. The performance factor is a variable index. Obtained during the heating period, the useful energy in relation to the consumption of electricity reflects the average annual rate of productivity. It is necessary to distinguish between the number of operating the heat pump on the working of the entire heating system.

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