What is a heat pump

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The heat pump – modern autonomous source of energy used for heating hot water and air conditioning.

Heat pumps G-Heat GH 25, GH 35, GH 45 – heat pumps with aluminum profiles serving as an evaporator. Aluminum profile – a small article which may be placed almost anywhere.Profile is safe for the environment and, at the same time an effective product. Aluminium profiles give heat by condensing the moisture in the air, to form water, which eventually freezes.

 A heat exchanger takes the heat directly to the water heating system of your home / building. The great advantage is that it can be docked to the existing water heating system (fuel oil, fuel pellets, wood, district heating and electrical).

The heat pump G-Heat for economical heating and hot water for domestic use in individual homes, public buildings (schools, sports halls, etc.), as well as storage and other. Manufacturing facilities. Compared to traditional heating G-Heat can reduce costs by 70%. Using the G-Heat gives the opportunity to cover about 80 … 85% of the annual energy consumption. The most effective G-Heat works at ambient temperature +5 … -5 ° C. When the temperature drops below – 5 ° C the efficiency begins to decrease, but power consumption is still much lower than conventional electric heaters. It is advisable to choose a pump power that would allow it to operate with a sufficient load and efficiency for most of the time. In peak periods it is recommended to use additional heat sources, such as various heaters. The savings achieved by reducing the total cost of the heating system and reduce electricity consumption by the pump.


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