State support measures

Set by the Head of the State the task of joining the 50 most competitive states of the world in need of modernization housing and bring it into line with high modern standards. In the Message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev “New Decade – New Economic Growth – New Opportunities for Kazakhstan” stresses that modernization of the infrastructure of housing and communal services should be accompanied by a reduction in unit operating costs and introduction of resource-saving technologies.

Nazarbayev in September 2010 in Ust-Kamenogorsk in the plenary VII Interregional Cooperation Forum of Kazakhstan and Russia said – “It is necessary, in all honesty, say that the current level of technical regulation falls short of imperative. Moreover, the system of state regulation itself hinders the process of energy efficiency ”

“If we take the Soviet SNIP on which still operate our builders, that there was nothing provided for energy saving, heating, do not use special glass. All this must be reviewed, and it is possible to work together, “- he concluded.

By December 31, Kazakh Research Institute of Energy to develop and submit to the Government of National Energy Conservation Programme for 2009-2015. This is the first stage of the program. The second covers the years 2015-2030. This program will form the basis of the new law “On energy saving”, as the old adopted back in 1997, today does not meet the realities of time and is mostly declarative.

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