Lucrative benefits of LEDs

• Environmentally friendly. LED lamps do not contain gases and substances hazardous to health and the environment.

• The high European quality. All products are manufactured according to European technology European equipment. The housing is made of aluminum with tempered glass of optical polycarbonate. Galvanized support.

• The durability of use.

• The service life of up to 100 000 hours

• Very low power consumption. Consumption of LED lamps and 13 times less than conventional.

• The possibility of battery life. Possibly retrofit lamps windy generator and solar panels, which allows the system to operate fully automatically.

• Better visibility and high contrast of light – 400 times higher than traditional lamps

• High security – Safety Class 1.

The main benefits of the introduction.

• Energy savings up to 80% – lets you redistribute the released energy

• Reducing the cable cross-section of an existing or unloading

• No maintenance costs for life – not only to save money but also receive real profit

• Lack of recycling excludes the additional costs and save the environment

• Road safety and saving lives of people provides better visibility and depth perception due to the greater the contrast, the lack of glare due to specially shaped angle of the light flux

• Save electricity networks – due to low supply current (0.34 A)

• Stable lighting in winter – provided there are no problems with the inclusion of common to all gas discharge lamps

Application area.

LEDs are used in virtually all areas of lighting. LEDs are indispensable in the design due to their pure light color, and in the light of dynamic systems. Advantageously also apply them where frequent maintenance is costly, where necessary austerity electricity and where high requirements on electrical safety.

LEDs are used in residential areas, shopping centers, industrial buildings, office buildings, main roads, bridges, tunnels, parks, gas stations, squares, yards, terminals, etc.

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