• High luminous efficacy (using diodes Cree inc, USA, 130-150 lm / W);

• Uniform distribution of light (using lenses Ledil Finland, under the lamp is not bright light spots).

• Housing corrosion, made of cast aluminum, weatherproof, antistatic paint, powder coating method. External heat sink provides heat removal.

• Tempered glass, stainless steel screws.

• Durable silicone gasket. Moisture – dust protection IP66

• The white glow high monochrome (4700 ~ 6500K)

• Immediate entry into operation;

• There is no difficulty with the launch of the cold (as radiating element – semiconductor);

• Long life: up to 70 thousand. Hours;

• High color rendering (CRI 75-85Ra);

• Low power consumption, up to 10 times smaller counterparts DRL lamps, MG;

• No service operating costs;

• High contrast lighting (400 times higher than analogues);

• The stroboscopic effect is absent (no flicker);

• Wide range of operating voltages (resistant to power surges);

• Environmentally friendly (recycled by the standard procedure waste disposal);

• High resistance to mechanical stress (comprising no mercury gases lead and filament);

• Luminous flux direction (the light where you need it);

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