The company «SD Group» since 2006 uses the latest scientific and technological achievements in order to create conditions that help conserve the environment, improve the quality of life, make it healthy and safe, while not limiting themselves to spending needs and fewer financial resources.

Operating in 7 countries in Central Asia and the CIS, SD Group offers a wide range of innovative products and services, including:

Independent, environmentally friendly heating and hot water heat pump «G-Heat», Kazakhstan.

Biological treatment of local sewage treatment plants «BioArt», Kazakhstan.

LED lighting fixtures «Power Led», Kazakhstan.

Liquid insulation “AKTERM”, Russia.

Soundproofing “TermoZvukoIzol”, Russia.

There are a number of major joint projects implemented in Kazakhstan.

The ability to adapt to change, a keen interest in innovation and continuous monitoring of innovative technologies in the world allowed the SD Group to become one of the first company to apply the new “green” technologies in practice, with a positive result.

Despite the constant change, innovation and discovery, our core values ​​remain the same: setting the forefront of health and safety environment; energy conservation; reduction in financial costs without restricting people’s needs.

The technology is now SD Group are innovative and energy-saving.

The technological process of heat production of the heat pump G-Heat is based on renewable sources of heat – “Air”, which is not excised, and is in every corner of the planet.

LED lighting is at the moment is very energy efficient. Power Led Lamps save energy compared to traditional light sources 80% of its electricity. In conjunction with the use of solar energy is achieved by a stand-alone renewable and light supply.

Biological sewage treatment allows clean water to 99% of all biological and chemical indicators, which makes it possible not disposed of after use of water resources and to use them again for any domestic needs, which leads to the improvement of ecological situation and respect for natural resources .

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